Published on:February 2019
    Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine, 2019; 5(1):18-21
    Research Article | doi:10.5530/jppcm.2019.1.4

    A Single Point Assessment of Prevalence and Pattern of Sports Injuries among Young Indian Adults

    Authors and affiliation (s):

    Rashid Ishfaq, Tiwari Pramil*

    Department of Pharmacy Practice, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, S.A.S. Nagar-160062, Punjab, INDIA.


    Introduction: Participation in sports entails a risk of injury for all athletes. Sports injury ranks among the major public health problems because substantial morbidity and cost goes parallel. This study aims to assess the prevalence and patterns of sports injuries among young Indian adults. Methodology: This crosssectional study utilized a self-administered questionnaire conducted at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Punjab, India. The data obtained from 146 participants from sister institutions across the country is presented. A complete enumeration of the study subjects was performed. The data was computed using Microsoft excel® and free version of SPSS. Results: The studied sample had 46.5% of prevalence of sports injuries. Males were mostly affected by injuries. 40.1% of prevalence was reported among those participants who were devoid of coaching facilities. The practice of preventive measures was also low. Participants played lawn tennis followed by kabaddi and volleyball suffered more injuries. Injuries are not covered by any insurance policy; and, out of pocket expenditure was high. Conclusion: Lack of technical expertise in sports injury management is a matter of concern as large of participants reported lack of coaching facilities. The results of this study also demand that attention be paid towards preventive measures and periodic health screening to promote youngsters to continue to enjoy sports in a safer way. Finally, it may pave way for sensitization in young students at the college/school level.

    Key words: Injury, Sports, Financial Dimension, Athlete.

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