Published on:February 2017
    Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine, 2017; 3(2):41-42
    Editorial | doi:10.5530/jppcm.2017.2.11

    Quality Use of Quality Medicines

    Authors and affiliation (s):

    Dixon Thomas*, Kishore Gnana Sam Sundararaj, Annie Shirwaikar, Arun Shirwaikar

    College of Pharmacy, Gulf Medical University, Ajman, UAE. 


    The use of medicines as healthcare interventions bring to the fore 2 important aspects of quality namely; ‘quality of medicines’ and ‘quality use of medicines’ (QUM). Governmental and non-governmental agencies in a regulatory and advisory role monitor medicines for quality production, distribution and proper use. Reports about substandard quality medicines suggest a need for further improvements in quality production and distribution of medicines.[1] QUM is not strictly monitored as is the quality assurance carried out in the production of medicines. The importance of ‘QUM’ has entered the scene rather late as compared to ‘quality of medicines’. Consumers owe themselves the responsibility in using their medicines appropriately. However it is the healthcare professional, who plays a pivotal role in assisting consumers in QUM. Wise collaborative decisions of prescribers, nurses, pharmacists, and consumers contribute greatly to QUM. [2] In this editorial, we discuss the aspects of quality and the use of quality medicines as a collective responsibility of pharmaceutical industries, healthcare professionals, and consumers with the support of other stakeholders in healthcare. Read more. . .

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    Thomas D, Sundararaj KG, Shirwaikar A, Shirwaikar A. Quality Use of Quality Medicines. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine. 2017;3(2):41-2. Abstract