A Progressive Assessment of Pharmacy Undergraduates’ Motivation and Satisfaction towards Pharmacy as a Professional Choice

Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine,2021,7,1,14-18.
Published:April 2021
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Bisma Sajjad, Rabia Ishaq, Qaiser Iqbal, Fahad Saleem*

Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, University of Balochistan, Quetta, PAKISTAN.


Objectives: The study is aimed to access the motivation, satisfaction and expectations of Pharm.D undergraduate towards pharmacy as a profession while attending a public university of Quetta city, Pakistan. Methods: This was a questionnaire based, cross-sectional analysis. The research was carried out at Faculty of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, University of Balochistan Quetta, Pakistan. All students registered in Pharm.D program (other than first professional year) were approached for data collection. Based on the objectives of the study, descriptive analysis was performed to present the frequency and percentage demographic characteristics and other study variables. Results: Out of 620 enrolled students, 475 respondents were involved in the survey with a response rate of 76.6%. Nearly 43% selected pharmacy as their first choice career whereas 60% of the students selected pharmacy based on the recommendations of their parents, friends and family. Working with patients and in the medical field was the biggest influencers for the pharmacy undergraduates as ≤ 90% of the students agreed to this statement. Additionally, job with a good career opportunity was also ranked as a influencer by the respondents (85%). Majority of the students (≤ 80%) were committed to the profession’ ideology and were content studying pharmacy. Sixty percent disagreed that they will change their profession if a chance is provided and 81% stated to continue their career as a pharmacist. Conclusion: Impact of family and friends, looking for an in-demand job with good career opportunities, and the desire to work in a health-related field were the main influencing factors in pharmacy students’ decision to study pharmacy. It is obvious from the findings that there is a need to guide high school students regarding their choice of undergraduate programs, and for these students to be made aware of the challenges and opportunities of studying pharmacy.